Do what you love ... Love what you do
July 28, 2020  
That has been our by-line since inception, and now, more than ever, we are finding that to be true! With Covid-19 having turned many athletes’ worlds upside down, including ours, we have been pondering the question, ‘Why do we do what we do?’


Being active, increasing your HR, and working up a sweat (or is it a glow) has many benefits, not only intrinsically but physiologically too. The ‘feel good’ factor is definitely not a myth, and when it comes down to it, isn’t that why we train? Or, is it?? Granted, not all training/workout sessions are necessarily ‘happy’ sessions, but ultimately, if there is no enjoyment, what’s the point!


As coaches, but athletes too, it’s easy to understand the motivation crisis that many of our clients are feeling currently. SA winter is never an easy time to be consistent in one’s training, and now added to that, the further burden of all that this pandemic brings to the table, it could be very easy to shush the exercise advocates and retreat into hibernation…..if only that didn’t come with consequences! And so….’why do we do what we do’? Why bother in keeping a semblance of consistency and making an effort to get that 1hr indoor trainer session done? Why continue training if there is no race to test our form and know that all the training has paid off? Why brave the cold early Saturday mornings to build up some mileage? Because WE LOVE IT ? We love how it makes us feel afterwards, we love how it gives us a few extra points in trending our CTL upwards, we love the freedom it allows us, we love the privilege of a healthy body, we love nailing that last interval or beating your mate’s strava PR (or your own for that matter), we love the solitude it brings before/after a stressful day or week, we love that ‘sore leg’ feeling when climbing into bed at night, and we love the sense of achievement when we can say ‘tick’ it’s banked!

And so, when it really comes down to it….is SA winter, and having no events to target really good enough reasons to bury our mojos? There is always SOMETHING to target, and 9 times out of 10, you won’t be sorry for making the effort. There are many things weighing us down in SA currently, but one thing that gives us direct positive feedback for our effort, has lasting effects, and makes us smile, is that of keeping active and maintaining a level of fitness, the benefits of which are so much more than merely doing it because your coach says so ;-) (although that is a really good reason in itself!!)

Stay positive & look after yourselves!

The WhiteInc Coaching Team