WhiteInc has moved ..
July 1, 2020  
‘When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves’ Victor Frankl


As current times are forcing us to re-evaluate how we do business, we are
excited to announce that we have made some changes!


With the gym environment facing numerous challenges in our COVID world, we
have made the decision to close down our studio in Parkwood in lieu of providing
a more personalised and safer interaction space. We have had a long-standing
link with Grant Usher from Sprocket & Jack which we have now formalised, and
as such, will be sharing their beautiful space in Parkhurst!

@ 75 6th St, Parkhurst


This means that you will have access to a single store biking experience that
includes retail, workshop, coaching, bike fitment, one-on-one indoor
training…..and of course, GOOD COFFEE (in the soon-to-be opening next door
coffee shop)!


In addition to offering our Basic & Comprehensive assessments and training
consults, we will also be setup to perform road bike and MTB fits. Safety
remains a priority in how we conduct our client interactions and while many
athletes are making the decision to invest in the convenience of home-based
training set-ups, allowing for flexibility and ease of use, we are still going to
provide a space in which individual/duo training sessions will take place under
the watchful eye of a coach. Sessions will be individualised for the specific
needs of the client and directed off smart trainers and tablets. All client
interactions will be pre-booked giving adequate time for people to move in and
out, as well as to clean and sanitise.

And then, with Nic’s many years of biking experience, he will now be available in
shop to assist with bike and equipment sales and for any related advice that may
be needed. He will also be able to help with indoor training equipment sales, setups
and tech issues, as well as on-board power meters.

Grant continues to head-up operations at Sprocket & Jack, and his mechanics
are ready to assist in the workshop. You can now also make use of their pick-up
and delivery service!

We are confident that you will love our new headquarters and encourage you to
come and visit and make use of our expertise for an enhanced riding
experience :-)

Summary of services available:

  •  Basic & Comprehensive Assessments
  •  Remote Assessments
  •  Personalised Online Coaching (Novice to Elite)
  •  One-on-one/Duo Indoor Training Sessions
  •  Outrides (one-on-one or join our Pop-Up Group Ride wattsapp group for when restrictions ease)
  •  MTB skills sessions
  •  Road bike & MTB fitments
  •  Indoor trainers & Power Meter Sales + Tech support
  •  Indoor trainer Rentals
  •  Bike, Equipment & Accessory Sales
  •  Customised Group Tours


Nic White : 082 855 3578 OR nic@whiteinc.co.za
Di White: 082 451 8107 OR di@whiteinc.co.za

Sprocket & Jack: 087 150 8495
Website: www.sprocketandjack.co.za