One Night Escape from Jozi!
February 22, 2021  
We decided to do a bike trip with a difference to our recent adventures. The idea was to reduce the clutter, make sure a destination was within striking distance, and ride from home, self supported for an all out adventure on gravel bikes! This was a Bike Packing Trip!


Did you know how good the roads are if you head South out of Jozi town? If know where to ride, it can be a huge amount of fun!

With a small crew of a dozen riders, we embarked on the trip with all our overnight gear. South over the Nelson Mandela bridge, and onto the trails we know well.



Further south the roads led us to the Vaal Dam Wall which had it’s gates open after great summer rainfall, such a nice sighting in the mid summer sun.



A snack at ‘Tasha’s On Main’, before heading out of the town for the final third of the day. It was hot, unseasonable wind direction made it tough, along with the dirt roads to keep us honest.

A great reward as we arrived at Francolin Creek, cool drinks and a shower. Before an afternoon nap to freshen up!

A relaxing night stay in the Free State before we embarked on the journey home. Cool air, fresh farmland smells and great gravel surfaces.



A quick stop in Heilbron to get some extra fluids before heading North back to Gauteng. We welcomed a tar stretch for a while until we ventured onto tight dirt tracks once more. Plenty of fun sectors with great lush farmland all around. Some of the nicest roads we have had the chance to ride.

V-Town the next stop, and how welcome an air-conditioned service station, with a Pie and Ice cream followed by a Ginger Beer to wash it down.  


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Last stretch was along our familiar paths heading North. Great gravel riding until we rejoined the tar of the southern suburbs, Just the hill of Butchers to climb before a race up the bus lane, through Jozi town once more and ending with a fresh draft at the Blind Tiger to finish off the trip!

Thanks to the adventurers who came along for the fun. Awesome support by Biogen for some snacks in the bags to keep us fuelled.

As always, great excursion and looking forward to the next adventure on the bikes!