2020 the year is ending!
December 11, 2020  
And so…2020 is finally drawing to an end! What does one say that hasn’t already been said in so many instances?
And so…2020 is finally drawing to an end! What does one say that hasn’t already been said in so many instances?


As we look forward to some quality time with family and taking time out from the scenarios that Covid has thrown at us, I think we are all hoping that 2021 is going to bring ‘better days’ and that some sense may prevail in the measures taken to keep people safe. Much uncertainty lies ahead still, and of this we can be sure ;-) but despite all the restrictions and roadblocks experienced this year, it has been amazing to witness the resilience and perseverance of our athletes. Not only in maintaining levels of activity, but in many cases, surpassing previous training levels and finding new methods of motivation in whatever lay at your disposal. There have been some momentous and exciting achievements at the events that have taken place this latter part of the year (Munga being a biggie), and then tracking some crazy and inspiring rides all over the country and world has provided us with some laughs and indeed some astonishment – you guys and girls need some slaps on the back for sure!!
Not only did you keep yourselves fit and afloat, you kept us fit and afloat, and for that we are supremely grateful!

As I sit and write this we have heard confirmation of the postponement of Epic 2021…just one of the many planning challenges we are becoming so accustomed to dealing with and navigating around. While 2021 may not bring ‘better days’ entirely, I do hope that you all recognise and hold dear your many positives of 2020, and that these little lights may carry you into 2021 with renewed vigour and fortitude!

Just some business as we close-in on holidays:

    •    Coaches will continue official feedback until Dec 18 and will resume Jan 11. Programs will be loaded during this time and coaches will still be available on wattsapp if needed.
    •    We will be placing an order for WhiteInc kit (some new colours) in Jan so please let us know if you’d like a fresh colour palette! - Details HERE
    •    Under current Covid rules, we are able to visit AfriSki in Lesotho again this end of year for our high-altitude training camp. Please see details HERE:
Wishing you all a restful holiday season, safe travels if on the move, and a healthy dose of common-sense in all the festivities!

Di, Nic, Trevor & Nadine