Clothing Range, Fresh flavours for White Inc. in 2021
December 10, 2020  
We have extended our clothing range to include some new design colours


We have added a few new designs to our WhiteInc. cycle clothing range, with the emphasis on it being bright and visible.

We place orders a few times a year, and do not hold stock, so if any of these colours interest you, please get in touch with us so we can get our order in.

From the design we created for our October Escape trips, we have made this available for regular orders, and a fade design moves gently away from the established White Inc. design we have been using.


White Inc. Cycling Clothing Range 2021



The Purple/blue fade of 2020



The Orange/Pink of 2019



This is one we took a while to establish, but modeled off the Maglia Ciclamino, from the Giro d'Italia,  this is a colour we fell in love with and wanted to add to our wardrobe!



We had some pressure to add a Black & White offering, so after all our focus on bright colour, this almost becomes the most popular!



This is our blue, which was inspired by Nic White's win in the 2018 SA veteran's championships around the Union Buildings in the Capital City



We could not resist adding some Red Wine and Orange, and we know this is a comination that can work in other areas!



The yellow fluo flavor, highly visible in Neon



It was bold, and we thought why not add a ladies pink. Funny thing, the guys all wanted pink and the ladies went for our original green!



The original - Green was our initial choice!


Pricing as follows:

  • Body fit shirts: R1000

  • Bib Shorts: R1200

  • Sleeveless Windbreaker / Gilet: R750

  • Long Sleeve Fleece Jacket: R1350



Please contact us if you would like to order.

Nic White  082 855 3578 or nic @ white inc. co .za