Coaching Packages


The personalised coaching and training services of White Inc. are provided and overseen by Nic & Di White and Trevor Davies.

Nic is a successful and experienced cyclist who raced professionally for 12 years from 1998 - 2010. He is a certified Level 2 UCI Coach.

Di is a qualified Sports Scientist (B. Phys. Ed) (PDM), certified Level 1 UCI Coach, and experienced cyclist.

Trevor has a BA Human Movement Science and an MS in Sport Medicine, certified Level 1 UCI Coach and is an experienced multi-discipline athlete.

White Inc. has the expertise and modern resources to provide professional and effective personal coaching and training services focused on road, mountain as well as triathlon - ranging from basic competence and physical assessment to various levels of participation and competition.

assessment options

Before embarking on a training program or starting to prepare for a key event, it is important to understand and evaluate the base off which you are coming so as to train accurately and to master your performance. Testing is thus an integral part of your development as a rider.

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