INSCYD Power-Performance Decoder


Get a view of your physical capabilities through a remote PPD test.

- INSCYD is for all athletes.
- INSCYD will benefit your training schedule and performance with both a scientific foundation and precise predictability.
- INSCYD will give you the full picture of your physical capacities.
The performance you are looking for is composed of a variety of components and metrics, but if you only focus on FTP, heart rate zones, or keep training only according to your Rate of Perceived Exertion, you’ll miss accuracy and efficiency.
For example, with INSCYD you can finally understand the interactions between your aerobic system and your fuelling needs. Do you wonder, “How much should I consume per hour in order to maintain my performance?” With INSCYD, you'll know.
INSCYD takes into account, and connects the most important metrics for training purposes:
- VO2max
- Anaerobic threshold
- Lactate accumulation and recovery
- Fat and carbohydrates combustion
- VLamax (or glycolytic capacity)
- Recovery

To do the test, cyclists need to have access to a bike with a power meter or a smart trainer. Runners only need a GPS watch.

The PPD protocol consists of a series of tests that can be performed over the course of maximum 3 days, but you can also choose to do them in 1 session

which takes about 90 minutes. The test durations are:
– 20 seconds
– 3 minutes
– 6 minutes
– 12 minutes

Once you have signed up for test you will be sent a detailed protocol on how to make sure you get the best performance out of them.

After we have analyzed your results, you get your full metabolic profile and report with zones.

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