Memoirs of a cycling team…
December 14, 2017  

Supplied by Nic White from White Inc
The year 2017 has been a memorable one, starting out fast and ending just as quicky. RoadCover Cycling team in it’s second year, achieved many race results in South Africa.

The team, sponsored by Eugene Beck of RoadCover, consisted of seven riders at the start. Willie Smit, Brad Potgieter, Clint Hendricks, Brendon Davids, Mornay van Heerden, Eddie Van Heerden and Kent Main were the starting line up for the year.


The team & co. at the Cape Town Cycle Tour, L-R Brendon Davids, Eddie Van Heerden, Mornay Van Heerden, Brad Potgieter, Kent Main, Cass Beck, Cliint Hendricks, Eugene Beck, Nic White & Willie Smit.

Mark van der Merwe once again directed the team at the races, his seventh year with our organisation. The vision was as it had been from inception, ride as productive a calendar as the racing in SA would allow, giving our riders the opportunity to build on their ability and hone their form, with leniency for the chance that they will make the step up to a higher level.
Willie Smit was progressing well, and out of the starting block he was ready. SA TT Champs were in his sights and he had been working hard through December. Mpumalanga Cycle Tour in January was the first showdown, and Wille was in form. Winning the first stage to take yellow, and never relinquish it to win overall!


Smit in yellow at the Mpumalanga Tour, supported by a strong team!
Brendon Davids had joined the our group, previously a mountain biker, he wanted opportunities on the road. He was strong, willing and able. Brendon stuck close to Willie and ended off the Mpumalanga Tour in second place. It was not without it’s challenges, as we will joke about them one day. Smit showed his class, won the tour, his tactical sense and his opinions were strong. He did the job! Brendon wanted to learn. It looks plain sailing, but behind the scenes it’s never simple.
RoadCover Cycling team was off to a good start! Back to the one day events, and a second place in the Fast One for Smit behind Daryl Impey. It was good, but Impey is a legend, making his living as a respected European pro. He is not easy to beat, as we would be reminded later in the year.
Berg en Dale after that, the race in the west rand, hilly, but not as hilly as it sounds. Kent Main was improving, he made the break, but lacked the finishing touches and was second behind David Maree. Smit skipped this race, to prepare for SA champs a week later.
SA Champs, a big goal for SA’s Euro pros, Impey was always good, and Doug Ryder’s DD team wanted medals and jerseys for their team in Europe!
Willie Smit lived up to his promises, he was fast and he finished second in the TT, but still off the time of Impey. Smit was quicker than Reinhardt Janse van Rensburg of DD. An impressive result and securing his place on the stand with top riders and RoadCover. Smit was on the way up.


Willie Smit second at SA TT Champs, Daryl Impey center & Reinhard Janse Van Rensburg left.

The Time Trial brings obvious chaos for our group as everyone needed attention to beg borrow or steal what equipment would give them an edge… a nightmare to ready themselves. On reflection, opinions suggested we should have followed our best riders in the Bidvest VW combi… I’m not so sure that would have brought the shiniest medal.
Road race a few days after (we were in Paarl by the way). It was hot, there is wind… The race on a circuit was dominated by the wind and the heat. Smit rode well, into the break making the action, but outnumbered by DD riders, eventually succumbing to attacks from Janse van Rensburg & De Bod. He would ride in for 3rd place in the elite race! Fantastic result.
Our u23 guys, Eddie and Kent would miss the break, but rode in to finish the race. Clint Hendricks, close to the action with Willie, but just short of making the final escape with him, did not finish, as he abandoned with a lap remaining, on his back yard roads. I am still not sure why…..
So 2 medals for Willie at SA champs. Best result yet in the years for our team. He went on to Egypt the following week, when CSA could still produce a traveling team, and became African Continental Road Race Champion. Smit had started off the year well, and he had a white Continental Champions jersey to wear!
A few one day races remained, and not particular highlights for RoadCover at the Dis-Chem Ride 4 Sight, as Beneke wins. The next goal was Tour of Good Hope in March and Hendricks’ defence of the Cape Cycle Tour.
Tour of Good Hope is a race that riders hope to impress, as the Dimension Data Conti team is present. The race is a challenging one as the routes on the Cape offer flat roads, wind and climbs. Not ‘hard’ enough for Smit who prefers wearing down the opposition on the Mpumalanga Roads.
The wind was the biggest challenge, and the race suffered a cancelled day because of that. The TT didn’t offer Smit the chance to excel, as his SA’s form was slightly off after the travel to Egypt. De Bod was on fire, defending his title. The upset came in our favour, as the long stage over Frranschoek Pass, ending on Du Toitskloof was the springboard for Kent Main to gain some time. Eddie Van Heerden was in close attendance (after a terrible start to the year with knee issues, he had hardly raced). Myles Von Musschenbroek from Pro Touch was best placed to take a slender lead from Kent Main. De Bod was out of it, tactical errors on that day and his team lost out.
The race up Taal Monument on the final day proved ultra exciting. RoadCover and Smit setting up Main for an attack on the final hill, and he squeezed out Mylo by a few seconds to take the win in the tour. Van Heerden finished in 3rd for RoadCover. By far the best result in this event for our team! Main would earn the chance to move to the Dimension Data Continental team, as he was still u23 and young enough for them to consider him. The transition to Italy was not so simple, however, and he spent some time in Europe and back in SA to end the year for DD. Our vision slowly being rewarded as we saw his move as a positive step.


Kent Main congratulated by Myles von Mushenbroek after beating him to the win at the Tour of Good Hope.

The Cape Town Cycle Tour. Clint Hendricks hoping to be on fire. The rest were eager. But, the hills were on fire, Hout Bay. The wind was furious. Riders blown off their bikes getting to the start, in the dark, a pile of ‘sunnies’ in the gutter as they collected, blown off riders’ faces. Unbelievable scenes and the Cape Doctor was angry. The race started. And then stopped down the Blue Route. Cancelled. Too dangerous. A coffee ride back. Cape Town’s biggest coffee ride and there was no where to sit at any store. Sorry for everyone and that is how it ends. No Cape Town Cycle Tour… but you can enter first next year ;-)…
Next up a rest for Willie. For the rest, KZN Summer Series in the ‘Burra’, and  2 proper races over a challenging route. Prize money bigger than any other road event of the season. Davids relished the opportunity and won in spectacular fashion on both stages. Main on his wheels and in second. This was the proper start of Davids’ road racing winning year.


Brendon Davids escapes at the KZN Summer Series, the start of a year long trend for Davids! - image Boogs Mcfadden
We headed once again to the Maluti Double 90, in Clarens in April, a 12 man team time trial, 180km. It is a great event. Little sister to the DC at the end of the year. Smaller, but also a very nice place to ride and race this format. We rode fast and managed to win. Successful again. Eddie van Heerden was not having a good year, along with his knee issues, he got the Epstein Barr Virus and Myocarditis from training while he was sick. This would lay him off all exercise for most of the year, and we hoped he would recover to ride again.
Next up, some mountain biking was on the cards and some of us looked forward to joBerg2c as we had planned at the turn of the year. I raced solo, along with Eugene, and Smit and Davids would pair up. Davids was an experienced rider, Smit was building up again, but far from his comfort zone on the MTB. I thought the 9 day event would add to their progression, and there was always a possibility of a good result.
Davids was up to it but Smit ended up too far out of his depth. The MTB pros are hard, and skilled. PYGA Eurosteel guys are superb, professional, and they dominated. Nad Pro MTB also top class. Smit struggled. Davids waited. They finished 3rd. A good result, a good build. It was hard work…


the Old Mutual joBerg2c event, I take the pic, with Eugene behind on the left, Willie & Brendon centre.

I rode solo, really enjoyed the journey, but without as much depth as I would have liked (I had spent too much time in the team car this year, not on the bike). I suffered, the massages hurt, but eventually my form kicked in. Day 8 & 9 I was fit. I ended up 5th, behind the mixed pairing of the Lills. They were just behind Smit & Davids. The race is great, but the sharp end is a bit thin. We had also supported the Soweto Quartet for this race. Two teams of guys from the SowetoQuartet, in RoadCover gear, on Cube bikes sponsored by Eugene Beck. They all finished, had a blast and a journey of a lifetime!
I still love joBerg2C and can recommend the ride to anyone as a bucket list event! Great camaraderie, great trails, unbelievable hospitality in the villages & communities en-route.
Smit and Davids, maybe not the best pairing, not really friends. We wanted it, they did it. The depth gained was immense, in my opinion, and the results by both over the following months are testament to that.
Tour Durban the day after j2c, and Smit, Davids and Hendricks were on fire! They rode everyone off their wheels. Hendricks won, Davids 2nd & Smit 3rd. Hendricks had just returned from Tour of Eritrea with the SA national team, he was 5th overall, and placed well every stage! The depth was great!


Clint Hendricks wins Tour Durban, with Smit & Davids at his side.

Brendon Davids used his new found depth to ride away in the Polokwane Mayoral Challenge in late May to win the race. He basically rode clear of the breakaway group, spent 60km alone to win in style!
The beginning of June marked a change in the road scene, not a race to speak of on the road. Smit had decided to spend some time in Spain, and raced for the Club Rias Baixas. He rode well in the races they did in Spain, finishing often on the podium, and ending up the winner of the Vuelta Leon and Galicia. Mornay Van Heerden went to Catalonia, and raced with a small team, eventually joining Smit for a bit in Leon.
Brendon Davids & Brad Potgieter raced a few MTB events, and the Champagne Valley Ashburton Series event which was a 2 day race in the Drakenberg. Brendon, a late decider on most things, packed his bags the night before the race after deciding to go, and went on to smash the field and the PYGA guys on both of the 2 stages. Winning in fine style. He was not so happy about fiddling in the dirt, as the road was now his goal, but what a result!
I joined them a few weeks later at Ride-the-Berg for a MTB stage event along the hand carved trails of the Northern Berg. Exquisite tracks, superb weather and relaxed atmosphere. Another visit is worth while next June!
Our reduced team headed to Knysna Oyster Festival at the start of July. This is a festival of many sports in winter, and the Town was still reeling from the fires a few weeks earlier. The festival still took place, and it was good to send a team in support of the event. Brad, Brendon, Clint and a newly joined Ryan Harris from Team Genasys. It was a lite trip, and accommodation with Will Wertheim Aymes in Plett helped the logistics. The race day was always going to be a challenging one, and Team BCX were wanting this title. Brendon was on fire after the build of KZN series, the MTB tour and races in June, so he smashed the field, eventually riding away for the final 40km solo. This was a pattern that developed and became his signature for the next few months!
The Jock classic is a 3 stage / one day race. Davids was once again on fire, after missing out in the sprint of stage 1, he made sure of the effort to win stage 2 in a sprint with the breakaway group. He did not lead however, so in the 3rd and final stage, his team mates opened up the race to assist in his early attack which sent him clear to escape and solo for 50km and win by 4 minutes. Brendon was hungry, strong and eager to race hard!
The next objective was the Clover Tour, now based at Forever Resorts Swadini. An exciting venue, different roads and the style of the tour changed from what had been a set format for so many years. Willie Smit returned from his stint in Spain, as well as Mornay van Heerden. The team was once again almost full. The Clover tour started of with excitement as the field explored the new routes. More variety, flattish stages, a hilly stage, a crit and a time trial. It offered something for everyone, although the common denominator was that you needed to be strong to win! Nolan Hoffman of Team BCX won the first flattish stage. Then it was into the hills, and RoadCover was on top, Smit was at a different level after the time he had spent in Spain, clearly stronger on the hills. Brendon Davids keen to follow, and under a bit more pressure than his last few races. The duo were unstoppable for the rest, and Smit went on to gain the lead with Davids close behind in second place.


A dynamic duo, Davids behind Smit, getting Biogen refreshments in the Clover Tour. Smit in the leader's shirt.

Time Trial, Smit superb. Team BCX winning some of the flatter stages & the Crit. The RoadCover team were well drilled to contain the race and stay in control. Brad Potgieter was good, Mornay van Heerden & Ryan Harris all doing their team effort. Clint Hendricks made the split on the final day, and it was his chance to go for the stage. He managed to win, but not before the bunch closed onto the escape group in the final 500m, and only with a well timed bike throw did Clint get the win from Reynard Butler. What a narrow margin! Clint has won many bike races this year with his well timed bike throw!
Smit ended victorious, with his third consecutive Clover tour win, showing SA that he is one of the most consistent tour riders at present in SA. Davids close by and learning the road game quickly!

A quick appearance at the Helivac Melrose Arch Criterium a week later was a crowd pleaser. This was a short course lap race in the shopping precinct. RoadCover raced hard from the outset, taking no prisoners, and Smit proved once again that he was top of the pile. Taking a solo win. Many of the opposition found the pace too tough and sat on the side to watch the race end… Davids and Hendricks filled the podium!

A week after the tour, and with what we hoped was new found depth, the racing calendar moved to the CANSA Lost City Cycle Challenge. A ‘start’ of the season for many recreational riders. The route is not exciting for the elite riders. Flat, fast and too short. However, there was upset as the race headed off course, was neutralised and regrouped further down the route, shortening the race even further. A few flurries, and eventually a break, but regrouped once again to ensure a bunch kick. Nolan Hoffman, the big man was led out well by his team. He took the win, but Hendricks was offended as he tried a gap that was closing. He protested but it was agreed that a racing incident and not intentional change of direction was the cause, Hoffman succeeds. Hendricks on the podium, and Ryan Harris, the young rider who was ‘on loan’ from Team Genasys finished strongly on the podium in third!

Some of our team riders were invited by the SA National team to race the Tour of Ethiopia, so Davids, Smit, Hendricks and Rohan Du Plooy of team Giant accepted. This was a race in the East African country, with altitude and a host of strong African countries. With little back up support, the team banded together, reduced as some BCX riders selected were unable to attend, and performed exceptionally. At stake was the opportunity for Willie Smit to build on his lead in the UCI Africa Tour. After his race in February, he had the most points in the Africa Tour. Despite the challenges of racing in Africa, they succeeded in getting Smit into the lead and building on that for him to win the race overall, taking as many points as needed to continue the lead of the UCI Africa Tour!


The National team in the Tour Meles Zenawi in Ethiopia. Smit continues his run of tour victories!

What an outing, but always a challenge. A fight to get equipment back to SA, etc. etc. etc. But the result is written in the history books. Smit went off to Spain for the final few weeks prior to his participation at the UCI World champs where he was in the elite lineup for SA with Daryl Impey, and Reinhardt Janse Van Rensburg.
Back home, the Rand Water Race for Victory took place in the south of Jozi. Again the Elites raced through the Suikerbosrand nature reserve. The rule was you had to be within 3 minutes of the front to get into the reserve for the finale. A break went clear early on the flatter roads, gained 5 minutes, and only with a big effort, did Brendon Davids get the chance to enter the reserve before cut-off. He made the best of the opportunity, catching the break, then going on alone as was his style to take another well earned race victory! Brad Potgieter had been in the early move, and he took the 3rd spot on the podium, behind Reynard Butler. Solid depth from our RoadCover team once again.
The Jock had separated their events in 2017, to include the Classic race in July, as it has always been formatted. Then in September they ran the 3 day Jock Tour. This was a tough event, with a time trial, hard, up to Kaapsehoop from Nelspruit, and then two long stages. Kent Main was the winner of the TT, a few seconds after that Brendon Davids. There was some confusion, and race organisers adjusted the time to give Davids the lead. However, the riders felt that Main was quicker, according to their own timing files. Never the less, stage 2 was tough. A long breakaway succeeded and Jayde Julius of Pro Tour won the stage. Davids escaped Main, and closed enough to Julius to take the race lead. The final stage was a challenging one, traditional Jock Classic route all in one go. Boulders, Barberton and Hill Top Climb. The early break succeeded once more, and it was James Fourie of Pro Touch. He stayed clear of a charging Main and Davids who had escaped on the final hill from the rest. Davids achieved first road stage victory of his career!


Brendon Davids wins the Jock Cycle Tour, the start of his run of stage race victories in 2017!

Smit was headed for the World Championships in Norway, and he made a good go of his opportunity. He raced the individual Time Trial, a good effort, but result latter half of mid pack. What a stage to perform on though. The road race was another story. It was 260km long with a huge international field of the best riders on the planet. Smit had said to me he wanted to get into the breakaway and ride as far as possible. True to his word, Smit was in the break, a large group, which gained a chunk of time before the peleton drove the chase. Exciting for SA to watch live while our rider was centre picture. The break was caught at 200km, but not before Smit made a last ditch effort to stay clear alone. He did not finish, but as expected as 260km is a stretch more than the 100-140km races we usually race in SA. Nevertheless he had some well received TV time, and would soon announce his opportunity to join the Katusha Alpecin World Tour team for 2018!
We had agreed for Brendon to travel to Australia to race some events with a team, for his hope to get the attention of a continental team and move up the ladder towards Europe. He went through to Oz, racing for Oliver’s Real Food racing. His first outing was the multi-day Battle Recharge race on the Gold Coast. Knowing Brendon, he was going to wait around and in the second stage he escaped early, obliterating the field in super hot temperatures to take the stage win and yellow jersey by a huge margin. He went on to win the tour, and the National Race Series… Oz just met Brendon Davids!! His next opportunity  was the Jellajah Malaysia tour. Davids escaped from a long way out on stage 2, took the yellow jersey and managed a great defence on the following climbing stages against Columbian riders to defend his lead and win the tour!
The performances by Brendon Davids in Oz gave him the exposure he needed to get to a higher level - the result being a contract with IsoWhey Swiss Wellness, the no.1 UCI Continental team in Oceania.
What a start to a road career for Davids as he and Smit had been making waves throughout the year!
Back in SA, the road scene was busying up and the BestMed Satellite Challenge was happening. The challenge of Hekpoort did not prove the decider but the long breakaway did. Hoffman, in the early move with Brad Potgieter and others, stayed clear enough to crest Hekpoort climb in front. Kent Main was the only rider from the bunch to bridge across to the front of the race, but he had to contend with Hoffman in the finale and lost. Potgieter took 3rd place, also a good podium for a man for the flat roads.
A small race the following day in Meyerton, South of Jozi for the RoadCover guys, for them to practice some cohesion and understanding. Not quite as smooth as hoped and Hendricks wins, despite a need to go back to the drawing board and understand each other again… As much as you get it right, you also learn that it can go so wrong, and every race is a different one. Team cohesion is not aways smooth, and there is always a bit more to be learned…
Heading into the finale of the season, we had hoped to bag some of the races that are big objectives. The Tsogo Sun Amashova is a special one. It did not pan out as well as hoped with Hendricks, our designated man, getting a stomach bug the day before. He was not well, fever, weak, and no food all day. I said: rather don’t start if you’re not well. That type of bug saps the system, and very hard to bounce back quickly. It usually takes a few days to feel ok again. The morning of the race. Hendricks in the car. “Should I race? Shouldn’t I?” said Clint. I said, ok, start, and you can always jump in the car if you feel terrible half way through!
As it happened, the race did not have any big explosive moves, Team BCX controlled proceedings with their eye on a bunch finish to suit their big sprinter Nolan Hoffman. Our plan was similar, but leave it for the sprint. Hendricks was still there! Maybe not with full force, but on the wheel, and right behind Hoffman who won his 6th Amashova. Clint in second place, and a late charge from Ryan Harris to take third! Smit was in the wheels, a good position although the bunch sprint is not Smit’s forte. He did however capture the scene on video! Exciting! Once again, 2 steps of the podium, although just left and right and not centre. Respectable!
With three races left for the year, we hoped for some victories. Clint Hendricks did not disappoint in the Carnival City Macsteel Classic. Playing the underdog, with only Hendricks in the large break until Smit joined the group. Hendricks made the best of the situation and in the final sprint, he triumphed with another well timed bike throw! Top dog!


Hendricks and the team prior to the final race of the season. A warm up for the Telkom 94.7 Cycle Challenge!

A new event, the Tshwane Classic was a race in the Capital city, on ‘closed’ roads and ending at the Voortrekker Monument. Without knowing the route, and a short race, a small break escaped and entered the technical & hilly finale clear of the bunch. We had Brad Potgieter in the move, and Smit with Hendricks just a bit further back in the bunch. Chris Jooste of Luso Cycling was the quickest on the hills, and escaped on the feared Tom Jenkins drive. He was not seen again and won his first big race of the year! The chase never organised, and with some confusion at the finish, the race ended with Julius & Main filling the podium places!
The season finale with the Telkom 94.7 Cycle Challenge was the biggest objective for the year. It attracts a lot of attention, the roads are closed in a world class event. As a Johannesburg based team, this is close to our heart, and having riders that have won on other occasions, this is a race we hoped to win. Brendon Davids, the winner in 2016, had returned from Australia. Eddie van Heerden who had sat out most of the year with illness was back again and racing for the past month. So we had a full team of seven riders.
The race started off hard. Ryan Harris got into the move with some others. Once it regrouped however, then the big boys came out to play. Daryl Impey of Orica Scott was back home and motivated. He split the race on the highway leading up to Jozi town. Most of you know how hard that section is. Impey is a world class rider, Tour de France level, and when he goes hard, he can ride! Willie Smit and Clint Hendricks made the escape as well, along with Nolan Hoffman and Calvin Beneke of BCX. A five man group. They had departed and were heading for the finish! Smit committed his efforts for Clint, who had his hand up and wanted the win. Impey drove the group with Smit, but the BCX duo didn’t fancy the scenario. On the back foot, they stayed at the back.
Never easy to commit with passengers, but important to gauge your efforts and stay in the game. Smit did what he could, and the race reached crunch time on Cedar road. The hilly finale. Hendricks tested the water, an attack and Impey went off a bit. Beneke followed Hendricks, and Hoffman and Smit were off the back. But Impey has years of experience, so he layed off, closing and then an attack heading into the gates of Steyn City. Hendricks having made the earlier effort hesitated, looked at Beneke who had no response.. that was the moment Impey had flown. Solo for the last few kilometres to pick up his first Telkom 94.7 win! Classic ending.
Meanwhile back with the rest. Beneke and Hendricks did not commit themselves to the chase, but were joined at last by a surprised Eddie Van Heerden. He was feeling good and surged from the bunch, catching the duo in the final kilometre. Van Heerden started the sprint, but Beneke came past him to take the runner-up spot in the race! Van Heerden in the last podium position and Hendricks 4th. So ended the final race for the team in the year 2017. Another podium result to be proud of!


Always time for banter prior to a race, although somedays we had it better than others... panic before the big ones like 94.7...

Now we are at the end of the year, it comes to a close all too quickly. We have many moments to be proud of. We have raced a lot, have been challenged a lot, but can hold our heads up high for what we have achieved.
It is with huge thanks to Eugene Beck of RoadCover for his involvement over the past 2 years as our title sponsor. Without their efforts, the stories above would not have been possible. We have had great relationships with many sponsors who have supported us this year, as well as in the past.
RoadCover is a service that manages your claim with the RAF from start to finish. There is no additional charge. RoadCover offers its member’s full compensation by the RAF should they be involved in a road accident, at NO cost to themselves.


In the car, Mark van der Merwe has been a solid partner in the team car for years! I am in the passenger seat. #bidvestcarrental

Our best memories image gallery on our facebook page

Biogen, a solid partner to our efforts, Endurance Nutrition, on the go, fuelling our needs to make the success we have achieved to Be Our Best for the Results we want.
Bidvest Car Rental, with vehicles which are an instrumental aspect of a cycling team, as there is no race unless you have traveled there to start with, and always the following caravan!
Colnago frames from Alpine Sports, a bike team is not a bike team without a bike. These machines proved at every corner that they are winners… fast, lightweight, aerodynamic & reliable.
Token Wheels played a big role. How fast they can make the bike go, coupled with a good ‘engine’, drive and determination. These wheels have spent many kilometres ‘up the road’ earning those victories!
Continental Tyres on our bikes, proven solid reliable, fast rolling, with not as many punctures as may have been. That is always an element of racing, and the odd flat when you least expect it. Continental and their Black Chilli Compound were key to our performances.
Catlike Helmets kept our riders safe, with a few incidents and crashes, but very few considering the miles spent racing.
Salice eyewear, protection against the harsh African Sun, the high wind speed (as our guys are fast!) and they look super stylish!
Prologo saddles had been my personal choice and our bikes were fitted with these seats. Contact between bike and rider is important, and these have been our choice.
Shimano was our choice of equipment. Reliable, old school mechanical, without an inch of trouble. You cannot go wrong!
Stages Power has been our choice of power meter. Simple, light and reliable. This has given us enough data to monitor our efforts in training and racing!
Margyn make our team clothing, and we have perfected the design to what we have had this year. Comfortable, and how cool was that kit design!
Hollard has been behind the scenes, supporting our insurance needs for our fleet of vehicles on the road racking up kilometres in races and travel.
Cube have supported some of our mountain bike needs, a great German brand. Brendon Davids taking a few precious scalps on that AMS 100!
Active Sport Therapies have partnered with us for our massage needs and on tour. Regular massage can help riders perform and train at their best.
Sprocket & Jack have been in the background, supporting our servicing needs. Our fleet of bikes takes some work!
My Active, our platform for newsletter and web solutions.
White Inc. for behind the scenes running of the team. Not always a walk in the park!
We end off with Colnago Team Bikes for sale as well as Token Wheel sets.
We appreciate the following that we have had through out the year, the support from our sponsors and fans! It had been a great journey, and although RoadCover will not continue with the team, we hope to assist in small ways that we can, the hope that riders will move on the a higher level, and possible career in cycling.
We will continue our association with junior & u23 teams in 2018, who have been improving race on race, culminating in a top 10 finish and junior win at Telkom 94.7 Cycling Challenge for Travis Barrett. More info to be released soon.
Thank you for reading & Happy Holidays!


Cycling is a journey and it will continue to be so in the future!

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