ROADCOVER CYCLING CLUB                   

The Club was established in 2013 to create a place for under 16 and Junior riders to develop riding skills within a team, while being supported by the established structure of the existing Elite team. this has extended to riders of all ages, and includes some youth riders, along with veteran riders of the Club40+ supported by RoadCover

The Club will be known as the RoadCover Cycling Club from 2016.

The members of this Club and Academy have already established themselves as role models of good sportsmanship, support for fellow team members and the respect of other teams.
  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Membership
  • Training, Coaching & Teams
  • Team Managers

1. The Mission of RoadCover Cycling Club is to:

  • Grow the sport of cycling by developing the next generation of serious cyclists by:-
  • Creating an environment where cyclists can develop their skills within a club and various teams.
  • Developing youth riders, under 16 & Junior cyclists by focusing on solid principles and values, good sportsmanship, a positive attitude and teamwork.
  • Promoting a lifestyle of fitness and exercise with cycling as a medium

2. The Vision of RoadCover Cycling Club is:

The development of young cyclists by assisting them to achieve their own maximum potential as cyclists by:
  • Mentoring them in all aspects of the sport
  • Exposing them to various cycling opportunities on the road, at the track and in the MTB disciplines
  • Developing technical and tactical cycling skills while riding as a team
  • Offering them evaluation and training opportunities
  • Providing support to young riders during races

Our approach is team oriented although we constantly take into account the physical, psychological, emotional, physiological as well as social needs of the individual young cyclists

3. Membership

RoadCover Cycling Club

  1. To accommodate the academy, RoadCover Cycling Club has developed a club as part of their strategy. To become a member of the club the following is required:
    • Completion of the registration process.
    • Payment of the membership fee through the online regsitration system
  2. Access the CSA account of the cyclist and change the club to RoadCover Cycling Club
  3. On payment through the online portal, will approve the CSA request to change or confirm the license application.
  4. Once registered and membership paid, riders can select options for clothing and and select size, and options. Payment online through the system.
  5. Web site – www.
  6. Cycling South Africa
    • All riders must have valid CSA Licenses for their age categories
    • Riders are responsible for applying for and paying for their own licenses
    • – select RoadCover Cycling Club in the club membership portal
  7. Benefits of being a RoadCover Cycling Club Member
    • Exposure to the experience of riding in a team, or alongside club members
    • Belonging to a recognised Cliub and the exposure this offers for your cycling career
    • The development of riding skills within the various disciplines
    • Assistance with team tactics and mentoring by experienced senior riders
    • Regular opportunities for group rides with the elite riders & mentors
    • Newsletters and tips sent via e-mail
    • Peer group support & contact via Whatsapp
    • Currently RoadCover Cycling Club:
      • Does not pay accommodation or entry fees for academy riders
      • Does not supply cycling equipment to academy riders
      • Does not supply supplements to academy riders
      • There will be selected teams in the junior / u23 and Elite categories, and support from, and RoadCover for these teams.
      • Access to discounted rates through partners of the club, Equipment and products through the Club network

By applying for and/or accepting membership of RoadCover Cycling Club, and the u/16 and Junior Academy, cyclists accept to conduct themselves at all times in a manner that befits a representative of a national team. Refer to the Code of Conduct for RoadCover Cycling Club.
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